Why choose us

You can rely on us – that is our motto.

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Industrial equipment

Installation, maintenance and repair

Steam turbine

Installation, maintenance and repair

Industrial and power boilers

Installation, maintenance and repair

Why choose us

You can rely on us – that is our motto. We undertake the work we are convinced of. We do not make empty promises but we are always interested in new experiences and challenges that we solve using our knowledge. We are responsible about the quality and deadlines of the work – we perform work on time!

TURBOLAT experienced specialists will always find the best and most efficient solutions in the work process, which, after coordination with the customer, will most likely be accepted and implemented therefore saving the costs of the costumer and increasing the efficiency of the project.

We have participated in several projects cooperating with customer and its suppliers throughout the whole project cycle: from the planning and development – to successful execution of the actual work – through the testing and commissioning – carrying on with the maintenance and repair during the operation period.

During the testing and adjustment phase of the new equipment unplanned deviations may occur – structural deficiencies of the equipment or incompatibility of the system elements in a specific situation are revealed. Thanks to the experience and ingenuity of our staff we have been able to recommend our solutions and quickly make mechanical adjustments of the equipment and structures therefore helping to continue the progress of the project within the schedule as planned.

The experience gained over the years in both – energy and industry; with both – fine mechanisms and large machinery and constructions – we have strengthened our capabilities – knowledge and resources – which allow us to be multifunctional and perform works in different industries and conditions.

We successfully attract cooperation partners to perform extra-specific works if necessary.

Our vision


TURBOLAT is a responsible and reliable partner with modern and progressive view and working methods, sure decisions and solutions, excellent work ethics.

Our mission


To provide customers with high quality services ensuring high customer satisfaction and sustainable development of the company.

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